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The surface, before bonding, should be leveled and free from any kind of dirt like oil, grease, excess moisture and other contaminants.

For best result, use a good quality adhesive and stir before use, adding water info the adhesive only makes the bonding weak.

With the help of brush, comb type sprayer or paint roller, spread adhesive on the surface that requires bonding.

To ensure proper bonding, the laminates should be placed on surface, accurately aligned and pressed down firmly.

To prevent air bubbles, extreme care should be taken during alignment and pressing.

The area in question should be kept under pressure for a penod of 12-18hours (depending on atmospheric condition) for satisfactory bonding.

For good bonding, use accurate quantity of adhesive in the substrate and laminates.

When humidity is too high, keep bonding assembly for atteast 48hours under pressure for good bonding.

Store laminates, substrates and adhesive for at least 48hours at the same ambient condition for acclimatization before use.

Maintain uniform pressure on all sides till adhesive is dried, when laminates is pasted vertically.

Avoid making cut outs having sharp and rough edges in order to avoid stress cracking.

The size of vertical application should be laminated to 610mmX2400mm. Larger sized bonded assemblies should be fabricated in workshop to bubbles.


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